Invitation for NEA Network of the Willing (NOW) Survey

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FROM: Dennis Van Roekel, President

John Stocks, Executive Director

DATE: August 9, 2012

RE: Network of the Willing (NOW) Survey

Becoming true leaders of the education profession is a goal we at the NEA are
striving for every day. A significant part of this goal is broadening our advocacy
and building a network with you to move a progressive agenda to transform public
education. As we begin to broaden the scope of our advocacy, it is important to get
a clear picture of where you, our affiliates, leaders, and members, are currently
focusing your attention and to discover to what extent are you willing and able to
create a network – the Network of the Willing (NOW).

The NOW is a coalition of individuals, affiliates, and organizations – internal and
external to NEA – who are willing to partner with NEA in its efforts to be leaders
of the education profession.

NEA members and affiliates that are members of the NOW believe that an essential
role of a school employees’ union is to examine its policies, practices, and
advocacy through a lens that focuses on the positive impact they have on the quality
of teaching and learning.

External members of the NOW support the involvement of the Association in all
aspects of education policy and practice and have a proven commitment to an
education system that promotes both quality and equity.

All members of the NOW will be either:

Individual practitioners or leaders and/or state and local affiliates already
engaged in, or willing to begin, efforts to create a union-led quality education
profession, quality professionals, quality schools, quality policy, and quality
Champions of efforts to communicate the urgency and necessity of this work, and
advocate on its behalf; or
Interested in reshaping the dialogue to describe the important role of unions in
transforming education.

The major components of NOW will be:

Partnerships between the NEA, affiliates and/or other like-minded organizations to
change policy and/or implement innovative union-led strategies to lead the
education profession;
Online and human resources and support for union-led reform efforts;
A community of like-minded unionists to engage around professional issues;
A “next-steps” plan of action for those who are ready to move to the next level;
A broad-based communications strategy which highlights union-led reform.

To find out about your ongoing or planned efforts at the state, local, or
individual level we are asking you to provide us with some basic information about
your interest in this type of coalition and your work to date in pursuing education
reform initiatives.

To provide that information, please go to and complete the
survey. We ask that you complete it by August 21, 2012.

If you have any questions about this survey or need other information related to the
NOW, please contact Bill Raabe, Senior Director of the Center for Great Public
Schools at or call his office number 202-822-7169.

Thank you for all you do for students, public education, and all educators.

Building Local Capacity

Hello All:

I’m really excited to hear the interest from so many of you to build the capacity
within your Local Associations.
The first building block is contact information.
Once you have the information organized in your computers, phones, etc., your
committees and leaders can begin regular communication via HOME email, text
messages, social media (Facebook and Twitter), and personal phone chains.

I share the requested labor sites we discussed for you to sign up and pass along to
your members. Below are the urls and a brief description of each. Call me if you
need any assistance.
Once you do sign up, you can “share” stories and videos with your friends, family
and OEA member family by adding them to your social media pages.

If you like, feel free to friend me on Facebook at and you can join the progressive
causes by clicking “like” on some of my posts. Civic Action is a 501(c)(4) organization which primarily focuses on
nonpartisan education and advocacy on important national issues.
Political Action is a federal political committee which primarily helps members
elect candidates who reflect our values through a variety of activities aimed at
influencing the outcome of the next election. Political Action and Civic Action are separate organizations.
Click on home page to become an OEA ACE (Advocate for Children and Public Education)
or go to
This program is committed to harnessing the power of public education employees. If
you are concerned about privatization of your work, the expansion of school
vouchers, evaluation reform, healthcare and other aspects of your work, sign up now.
The above url is the website for WIN- Workers Independent News, which is a
nationwide voice of working families and their unions.
Workers Independent News (WIN) is focused on the issues and concerns of working
people. As a news service, WIN is devoted to bringing the voices of workers, their
families, communities and organizations to the widest public possible, using all
means of electronic media. WIN packages news for distribution to radio stations,
Internet radio, websites, for podcast and print publication.
WIN’s mission is to bring balance to news coverage by providing news and features
focusing on:
* Organizing and bargaining for workplace democracy
* Workplace issues: safety, privacy, discrimination
* Coalition campaigns for a living wage and other goals
* Unions in communities and the political arena
* Workforce issues: immigrant and undocumented workers, contingent and
part-time workers
Our staff shares one common goal: to create media that puts people over profits and
empowers citizens to become journalists in their own right.

Dolores Tufaro

Ask and you shall receive

Hi All,

Per your request at the August UniServ meeting, I share attachments that highlight
the changes for professional in the field of education in the state of Wisconsin.

Wisconsin has successfully passed a law – similar to SB 5 and later Issue 2 that
restricts collective bargaining rights for public school teachers/employees.
Attached is a summation of a review of the new Wisconsin Handbooks (rather than
negotiated agreements) that have been developed. This should give you an idea of
the possible working conditions facing Ohio teachers/employees should we not support
the legislators and legislation that supports us!.. which means vote for Senator
Sherrod Brown, President Obama, the Voters First Amendment.

Let’s help all our members to see the big picture.:)

Dolores Tufaro

Companies that support destroying public education as we know it and blaming the worker and unions

5 Food Companies Run by Radical Right-Wingers
A number of food chains are owned by far right-wingers who’ve spent significant
money funding conservative super-PACs.
July 22, 2012 |
The companies in question include many popular chain restaurants that you may eat at
occasionally, or even all the time.
It’s wise to remember these restaurant owners have a right to their views. Every
citizen has a right to their views.
Where you spend your dollars and dine impacts your future work. To that end, here
are five food chains that are helmed or founded by owners who support right-wing
1. Chick-fil-A 2. Carl’s Jr. 3. Cracker Barrel
4. White Castle 5. Waffle House

Dolores Tufaro

Thought of the day

“If any man tells you he loves America, yet hates labor, he is a liar.
If any man tells you he trusts America, yet fears labor, he is a fool.”

— Abraham Lincoln

If you support this view, don’t keep it to yourself. Share with all you know.:)

Dolores Tufaro

AT&T workers wage two-day strike – 08/08/12

AT&T workers wage two-day strike – 08/08/12

Workers are on a two-day strike against Ma Bell. Jesse Russell reports:

A deal reached by AT&T with workers in the Southeast United States is being
overshadowed by strike action in California, Nevada, Hawaii, and Connecticut. 20,000
employees walked off the job Tuesday as the company failed to reach an agreement
with the Communications Workers of America. According to the CWA the contract
proposal from the telecommunications giant includes “massive healthcare cost
shifting to workers and their families.” Additionally, the contract calls for
reductions in retirement security. The Connecticut workers held an “unfair labor
practices” strike on Tuesday alleging that the company wasn’t bargaining in good
faith. A charge has been filed with the National Labor Relations Board. The CWA
represents more than 3,000 employees in Connecticut and nearly 17,000 in Nevada and
California. The workers are also concerned about job security and the company’s
increased reliance on contractors.

Check out Workers Independent News for more info.
I am a subscriber. It’s free!

OEA Labor Relations Consultant

Upcoming Training

This past May, all Locals had the opportunity to have a voice in what trainings
would be provided and when they would be held. UniServ representatives were
notified in advance of the May 2012 meeting that this information would be gathered.
As a result of the input given, I shared upcoming training topics and dates for
members in the Locals encompassed in the Heart of Ohio UniServ with the member
representatives at today’s UniServ council meeting.
Per the information provided to me at our May 2012 meeting, the following trainings
are scheduled in the order of members interest and on the preferred day and time of
the week.

Ø September 10, 2012
Time: 5:30-8:00
Rsvp to
Registration deadline August 31st
Location- tbd

Ø September 24 and October 1, 2012 (2-day training)
Building Representative/Grievance Training
Time: 5:30-8:00 both days
Rsvp to
Registration deadline September 7
Location- tbd

Ø October 29, 2012
Membership Development Training
Time: 5:30-8:00
Rsvp to
Registration deadline October 12
Location- tbd